/ˈlɛvɪteɪt/ Noun

A multidisciplinary Social Media Marketing Agency focusing on brands, artists and influencers.

Levitate Media was born with the sole objective of helping you raise your voice and elevate your message above the standing crowd. 


With consistency and dependability at our core, we use in-depth and analytic-driven strategies, innovative marketing, and engaging content that aims to elevate your brand. 


With 10+ years of experience, our in-house marketers, strategists and visualizers know a thing or two about social media marketing. We make customized quality content creation and strategy, simple, affordable, distinct, and most importantly – result oriented.  


We’ve grown brands and personalities from a few hundred followers to over a million on singular platforms, raised their sales graphs and carved their identities in the digital jungle.

Don’t just take our word for it!