3 Mistakes Artists Make With Their Digital Brand

3 Mistakes Artists Make With Their Digital Brand

3 Mistakes Artists Make With Their Digital Brand

Don’t allow yourself to become another artist that no one remembers.


In 2021, you should know how important digital marketing is to get ahead as an artist and if you’ve tried your darn hardest to kickstart your music career on social media and still find yourself getting stuck, it might be a good idea to see if you’re doing something wrong.


Here we look at three common mistakes artists make with their digital brand.


We’re all about creating a niche and sticking to it, but give your audience a little bit more to fall in love with you!


Strike a balance between your music content and other fun stuff that throws a little more light on your personality. 


Your true fans will not just support your music, but support you in all your endeavours!

Your audience, the platforms and more importantly – YOU are ever evolving.


Learn to grow with your audience and notice what they like. Be open to adapting to changes. It can only help you grow!

Followers, Fans or Friends – your relationship with your audience needs to be a two way street!


Use your platform’s interactive tools to hear more about their opinion. Your audience can make or break your digital brand and interacting with them can help shape it, so don’t miss out!


If you’re making any of these mistakes and would like to learn how to make it right, just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to show you how!