3 Things You Should Stop Doing On Instagram

3 Things You Should Stop Doing On Instagram

🛑 Stop doing this on Instagram RIGHT NOW! 🛑


We give you tips about what to do on Instagram all the time!, but there are also some things you should stop doing…


✨There is no easy way to achieve success on social media.✨


Everyone wants to grow on Instagram, but very few people are willing to put in the work to make it happen. 💪🏻


SWIPE to see what you should stop doing, if your goal is to only grow! 📈

Play the follow - unfollow game

‘Growth Hacking’ is the wrong way to grow in 2022. If you genuinely aren’t interested in a person’s content, and you won’t be an active member of their community, then don’t follow them.

It can increase the number of followers you’ve got, but it is not the same as marketing or increasing reach.

Growth hacking can lead to you having followers who are not interested in your posts or products. 

Your work or art is appreciated when it reaches people who actually enjoy it. 


So…it is better to stop playing the follow unfollow game and work on your creativity!

Use bots to grow your numbers

Everything has a price and so do fake followers and engagement, the answer to growing a community that can convert into customers is not by purchasing bot followers or paying for their engagement.


Instagram’s algorithm works around engagement. This means that the number of times you pop up on someone’s feed is directly proportional to the number of comments you receive on your posts. 

But this definitely does not mean that you should be using bots. 


The most important point to remember is that bots can be unsafe to use. 


Bots are programmed to like and comment on your posts based on the kinds of hashtags you’ve used. 

You could have a post that is about sensitive topics, and a bot could be commenting about the joyous moments of life!


And we’re sure you want followers who are actively engaged. Followers who find out about pages that use bots, often tend to lose interest and unfollow those pages. 


Social platforms take some strict actions against accounts that try to grow the wrong way and eventually you will be preventing real humans (the paying kind) from seeing your product or services.

Stop interacting with your audience

It’s time consuming, it is more effort but remember – you’ll not grow without a good online community. When your followers take the time out of their day to engage with your content, do not let that effort go unnoticed.


If you are doing something on instagram, know that there are others who are doing the same thing.

Why should your followers spend time on your account?Your followers like it when you pay attention to and acknowledge them. When you reply to their comments, they feel seen and will want to watch you get creative!


Remember that they are the reason for your growth and ignoring them is not cool!

The goal of every post should be to get your audience talking back to you and when they do make sure it’s heard.


So, you could take these steps now and see how the quality and quantity of your followers increase. Plus, before we forget…you can always ask more questions and we’ll be there to answer them!