4 New Features On Instagram

4 New Features On Instagram

Hey, Instagram users!

If you’re a creator of reels or just like to watch reels for fun, we have some interesting things you should know about the new updates on the app.

The updates revolve around bettering the platform for creators via adding some features to how they can produce reels.

Get comfy, and let’s take a quick tour through these new and exciting features!

Initially, Instagram provided us with a 15-second window to do whatever we wanted on reels. With time, that window has only grown larger.

The latest update brings us the opportunity to make 90-second reels!

But what does one do with a 90-second time slot?

Does the audience even want to watch something so long?

Well, it is not necessary to post 90-second reels daily. You can create 90-second reels once or twice a week.

It keeps the audience glued to your content while feeling a connection with you!

How amazing is that?!

Yes, yes, interactive stickers were already a part of your stories on Instagram.

You must be wondering what’s new?

Now you can add interactive stickers to your reels too!

This includes emoji sliders, quiz stickers, polls, and questions.

Not only can you caption your reels, but you can also figure out the opinions of your audience regarding anything you’d like. 

Your audience notices that they are being taken into account!

The more you interact with your viewers, the more views you receive. 

The basic concept of a reel essentially comprises a video and an audio clip to go along with it, right?

The audio used is either an original that you’ve made up or something that is trending.

Earlier you could use only the audio clips available on Instagram to pair with your video.

The new update allows usage of any audio clip from videos in your gallery!

Yes, it is all about keeping things spicy so that your viewers can have a fun time watching you mix it up a little!

Like Twitter and Tik Tok, Instagram’s new update lets you pin up to three posts or reels to the top of your profiles.

You know those three dots at the top right corner of your posts…that is where you will find this feature. 

What does this feature do anyway?

Simply put, it helps you express yourself even more on your profile.

Your viewers see what you want them to see first, and it can give them a gist of what you are really about!


We hope we’ve been able to clear that up for you! And now you have new features you can experiment with!

Let us know if you’d like to know more about these features!

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