5 Mistakes You’re Making With Reels

5 Mistakes you're making with reels

5 Mistakes You’re Making With Reels

The only instagram growth ‘hack’ you need right now is creating REELS!


It’s a great way to grow your followers and fans on instagram for your music as well as for your business – but only if it’s done properly. And the best way to do Reels properly is to just get started! 


But, there are definitely some ways to improve upon them to make the full and best use of this feature. If your goal is to go viral on Instagram through Reels, it’s best to avoid these mistakes. Are you guilty of making any of these?

When someone is scrolling through their feed, Reels are usually shown without sound, so it’s easy for the user to scroll past your video without a second thought. An eye catching heading can make them stop scrolling and watch your content!


Tip: Add text that sums up the purpose of your video and try placing it exactly in the middle,

Reels are shot and viewed in 9:16 but crops to 4:5 on your feed. 

If your text isn’t in that frame, your audience is just watching you point around. Keeping that in mind, when you start creating your Reels, make sure you keep all the main parts of the video as well as the text within the 4:5 ratio sized area, preferably in the middle.

You don’t need to hop on every ‘trend’ bandwagon! Joining in on a Reel trend can be beneficial, but adapt trends to fit your brands. If they don’t, avoid it!

Since there aren’t a whole lot of people using hashtags on REEls right now (big mistake!), there is a good chance that your Reels can start trending on some big hashtag pages that you add to your post. But make sure the hashtags you use are well-researched and relevant!


If you’re a musician and share a Reel of you singing; using the hashtag #dog is not going to help you at all.

To make people want to click on your video, it’s a good idea to add a nice cover picture with an image and headline relating to your Reel post. This is similar to Youtube and a clear thumbnail image will reward you with much higher taps and views! 


Do you have any more questions about Reels? Don’t be afraid to shoot us a DM on instagram @thelevitateway