The Only 5 Tips You Need To Be A Master Storyteller On Instagram

5 Tips You Need To Be A Master Storyteller On Instagram

The Only 5 Tips You Need To Be A Master Storyteller On Instagram

Hands up if you’ve been only focusing on grid posts and letting stories slide off…


We get it, it’s easy to think that stories are not worth the effort. What are 24 hours going to do? 


Well…a LOT! So you need to start posting more stories, RIGHT NOW!


It’s the best way to get your followers to interact with you and to feel like they know, like and trust you! Undoubtedly, it’s the best place to convert your followers into customers!


Luckily for you, the art of storytelling can be mastered, and rumour has it, these are the only 5 tips you need! 

The preset size for Instagram Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels.


If you have images or videos you want to use that are not taken using the instagram camera, you might have to optimize it to fit for a cleaner look!

Instagram has a plethora of font options. It’s not limited when it comes to colours either!


You can access every colour known to man by holding down on any colour to get the whole spectrum or even using the colour picker tool to get colours from your images.

When it comes to Instagram, you have an entire library of gifs and stickers at your disposal.


They are a great way to spruce up your Instagram Stories and add a little personality.


Avoid using too many, though! Limit the number to one per story.

Engage with your audience using the question, poll, and quiz stickers!


These are valuable tools for driving engagement through your stories and a fantastic way to interact directly with your followers.

Similar to understanding the analytics for Instagram posts for better future performance it’s also important to understand the insights of your Instagram Stories.


There are a ton of great metrics for you to go through, including profile visits, impressions, follows and a lot more!


Hopefully, these 5 Instagram Stories tips will help you create fun and creative Instagram Stories that will let you tell your story to the world! 


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