5 Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Trending on YouTube

5 Mistakes for trending on YouTube

5 Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Trending on YouTube

Are you planning on starting your own YouTube channel?  Do you, one day, dream of seeing your video on the YouTube trending list?  Well, it’s always better late than never!


It is natural when starting a YouTube channel to make some mistakes. Even the most experienced professionals make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t steer clear of them! 

Once you’ve recognized and analyzed the mistakes, there’s only one thing left for you to do.


Avoid them!


And by doing so, you’ll make your videos shine and watch your channel grow.


We’ve rounded up the 5 most common mistakes that you might face when trying to make it big on YouTube:

Do yourself a favour and stop delaying. 


There is never the right or wrong time to do this, just start creating! The sooner you take the leap, the sooner you’ll be able to hit all the big numbers and have an army of fans that love you!

Your video title is the first thing that can attract an audience. Not many people are going to be searching for ‘sadsong cover-ver 2 I cried so much’ on YouTube!


It’s personal and vague with symbols and shortened words. 

Aim for your titles to be clear, concise, video friendly and keyword focused!



Don’t post a couple of videos and disappear from the face of the internet! You’ll have higher chances of retaining and growing your audience if you have a consistent video schedule.


Let your audience know when and how often you upload and hold yourself accountable to stick to this schedule!

You’re neglecting quality


When it comes to creating YouTube videos, the two things you really can’t compromise on are the audio and the visual aspects of your content.


Your audience may sometimes forgive you for a slightly shaky video, but not always! You have to keep in mind that you’re in a sea of creators trying to stand out; we’re not telling you to invest in expensive equipment from day 1, but be sure of making the most of the resources you have!

You can’t just post a video on YouTube and expect it to get thousands of views (let alone millions). You need to create some buzz on your own! 

Talking about your video on other social platforms is a win-win situation. You’re gaining more views on your YouTube video while also increasing engagement on other social media platforms!


What’s more, you are also leveraging followers you probably have already built there.


All said and done, don’t be afraid if you make these mistakes! Learn to embrace them, learn from them and aim to do better with every new video you make. The more videos you create, the more videos you will upload to YouTube, and the better you will become as a video creator.