4 secrets to highly engaged instagram followers

4 Secrets to getting quality Instagram followers that engage

4 secrets to highly engaged instagram followers

The ultimate prize for playing the Insta Game is followers! (and more followers!) But most importantly, ENGAGED followers. Sure, you can go ahead and cheat codes by buying followers or using bots, but these tricks will only serve you for a short time. The (fake) big numbers may be an ego booster for a while but it won’t do you any favours tomorrow.


And we’re talking ENDGAME! Your followers are only truly valuable as REAL people who find value in your brand, engage with it, and stick around for the long run!


HOW to get these real, engaged  followers on Instagram, you ask? Well, the cat is finally out of the bag! 


Here’s our list of 4 key secrets to getting quality Instagram followers that really engage!

Number 1 on our list is consistency!


Building a consistent experience for the people visiting your profile is so very important. They need to be compelled to hit that follow button!


Your consistency checklist:

✔️ Have a theme running through your feed that communicates your brand’s personality and message!


✔️ A regular posting pattern that doesn’t run into the territory of spam! 🚫




Something your audience can count on and the thing that makes the algorithms love you 😉❤️

Creating content that converts is next up on our recommendations for getting those engaged followers and growing your Insta fam! 


When your ultimate goal is for consumers to spend their money on you, you need to show them WHY and build that trust factor! And if you’ve got bad content, you’re doing yourself and your business a HUGE disservice.


Find out what kind of content your followers WANT to see, test it, learn, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending and PUT IN THAT EFFORT! Trust us, you’ll reap the benefits soon enough! 


Your content (ultimately) is what makes people want to know you and buy from you.


Conversion-focused content checklist:

✔️ Relevant, engaging & authentic

✔️ Adds value to the viewer

✔️ Easy on the eyes / fun to watch


When you do it right, you’ll be converting visitors into followers & followers into customers in no time 💸

The third cat out of the bag meows, “ENGAGED COMMUNITIES!’ 


Your followers may be one thing, but when they band together to form communities, it is a whole other level!


You’ve pretty much got a group of loyal and dedicated FANS on your hands who will be there for you through thick and thin. They’ll sing your praises when you’ve earned it, share all your content, buy your latest products and even back you up if things go south.


Here is the secret to getting quality Instagram Followers :

Engage to build a strong community.


Building an online community is a checkmate move you can make for guaranteed long-term success!


A thriving community signifies meaningful connections that drives customer loyalty and ultimately, sales!


Engagement Checklist:

✔️Conversational captions

✔️ Interactive Instagram stories (make use of the stickers and other features!)

✔️ Earnest replies to comments an DM’s


Pretty sweet, huh?


Well, the problem is, it ain’t easy!


But, fret not, here is a solution! 


You know the saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day?’ The same applies here! You can’t expect to build an engaged community in the blink of an eye. Setting up may be easy, but nurturing and growing it is a long-term challenge.


When you do all the right things with the right mindset and the right intentions, you WILL SEE YOUR HARD WORK PAY OFF! 


You’ll transform your social media platforms into places where your customers can come together and share your brand experience WITH you.



And now to reveal our last secret to bagging those quality followers! (Don’t you worry, we’ll be back with more!) It’s all about sprucing up your  profile to be more IN SYNC with your BRAND! 


It’s super important that all of your instagram content is cohesive and reaffirms your brand!


When a visitor stumbles onto your profile, 

🔘 what do you want them to see?

🔘 what do you want to be known for?

🔘 what do you want to gain?



If your brand identity is well-developed, it helps your audience build an emotional connection with your brand. Use the tone, voice and vibe of your brand to speak to your ideal followers and give them a peek into your world!  


When done right, it can resonate with your followers and motivate them into becoming customers! And what’s more, it can also transform one-time buyers into REGULAR customers!


Here is the last secret to getting quality Instagram followers :

Your brand’s identity needs to shine through!


This might be super obvious, but your bio and profile image is the foundation of your brand identity!


It should compel your profile visitors to hit that follow button and give a clear answer to the question: what value does this brand add to my life?