Taking Your Brand’s Marketing To The Next Level With Reels

Taking your brand's marketing to the next level with reels

Taking Your Brand’s Marketing To The Next Level With Reels

If you’re looking to up the game of your brand’s marketing strategy, it’s time you start experimenting with Instagram Reels. At the moment, Reels have the power to do so much and more for you. It’s best if you learn to harness that power!


Reels are short video clips of about 15 – 30 seconds that play on a loop. You can then match them up to music, add effects and text to make them fun. Along with being addictive as hell, these short-form, catchy videos have the ability to go VIRAL!


While Reels are a blank canvas for creative people, it is a good tool for businesses as well.


Whether it is:


  • launching new products / services


  • showing what goes on behind the scenes


  • or simply just getting the word out to a new audience


Reels have the capacity to achieve each one of these goals!


What’s more, since Reels is a relatively new feature, you can bet that Instagram’s algorithm is favouring accounts that are regularly posting and engaging with Reels! 


So, now’s the time to jump on the Reels bandwagon and use this opportunity to reach new audiences. It’s a super fun way to engage with your audience and grow your brand by educating, showing your business’s personality, and highlighting what differentiates your products or services from your competitors. 


And the best part? They are simple to make.

Here’s what you can do :

Reels are designed to be fast and fun! Tell your brand’s story, show the fun side while being your most authentic self. Although entertainment may be the main essence of Reels, it’s always a good idea to create videos that add value to the viewer. This way you can develop a stronger connection with your followers and boost your brand’s visibility.

Invest in good quality video content that is creative and experimental with a good resolution. Avoid making videos that are blurry, with borders or watermarks, or the majority of the space covered by text

Instagram has an entire library full of music you can choose from, or if you’d rather use an original audio, you can create or use that too! Just be sure to use audios that match your visuals and your brand.

With only 15-30 sec to give your message, you have to make sure to use it well and pack a punch!

Hashtags allow people to find your content and it’s also how the algorithm can recommend your Reel videos to others on their explore page. Especially if you’re just starting out, hashtags are a must. Use a number of appropriate and well-researched hashtags to give your post an extra push.


So, what are you waiting for? Go plan, create and shoot! It’s time to blow up!