Why Storytelling Is Important In Marketing

Why storytelling is important in marketing

Why Storytelling Is Important In Marketing

How do I get more followers? How do I increase engagement? How to create scroll-stopping content?

While there are many well-guarded answers to these questions (we revealed some of them for free!), we want to shine some light on one of the more obvious but ignored answers.




No one ever made a decision because of a number, they need a story.


The art of storytelling is incredibly nuanced. You don’t just want to shove your products into your customers’ faces.


You want to reel them in!

Start slow, introduce your product or service to catch their attention and hook them enough that they stop and listen for a bit. Then, add in a few details to the story to attract customers, keep adding and improving until they stick around to hear the rest of the story and maybe even…come back for MORE!


Like everything else, it’s a process. Building your brand, by creating an engaging story is a long term goal BUT it cannot be ignored!


You want to aim to  build an emotional attachment with your audience.


With every post you share, you should be reinforcing your brand’s value to your viewers.

Talk about :

Always keep your customers in the loop. Communication is an important part of storytelling! Whether it’s something major like an introduction of a brand new product or something as simple as a new blog update, always let your customer know what you’re doing. It shows them that they are on top of your mind, helping you to develop a good relationship and eventually, loyal customers!

Show your customers what you’re learning and how you’re trying to improve. Let them know insights and the rise and falls you’ve had as a business. Being authentic shows vulnerability, builds trust and lessens the gap between you and your customers.


No, not the mega-famous K-pop boy band! It’s about using behind-the-scenes to further give credibility to your story. Give your audience an insightful peek behind the curtains, all the interesting stuff that happens in the everyday workings of your business.


Own your story and say it out loud! A happy customer is the best type of marketing you can invest in. Let your audience get to know you and until then, we’re doing the same thing!


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